Enterprise Architectures / JHipster for Java EE

Why companies end up with legacy stacks & what can we do about it?

  • not only evangelize technology reasonably┬ábut explain to manager what the benefits are
  • calculate time saved
  • track time, what time is spent by developers, how much is wasted by legacy technology, missing automation and lack of test coverage
  • report to managers to reasonably argue about time to reduce legacy (why should they care)
  • consider cultural issues with tracking time (it’s not about tracking the developers, but tracking the overhead of a technical stack)
  • also: don’t overdue time-tracking, otherwise it’ll be KPI-driven development
  • maybe introduce blue/green approaches in switching technology (for a small, doable sub-project)

JHipster use case is to provide a quick start for full-stack project with AngularJS & Spring, would it be helpful to introduce that for Java EE developers as well? Like a blueprint for Java EE projects.