Japan Java Community


— Lack of Japanese Java Champions
— Lack of exposure for Japanese developers in Java and open source
— Lack of new speakers from JUGs in Japan

Translating content in both directions.
Expose the work being done in Japanese to the rest of the world
Bring more industry trends and ideas in to the Japanese language for discussion

Work culture?
Does the work culture allow or support developers being involved in projects outside of the work day.

Promoting individuals as a marketing campaign not a good approach from the opinion of Kirk.  Rather build the exposure and involvement of the groups (JUGs) and the nominations for Java Champions will come from that exposure better.

Language issues are not really a problem in other countries like Brazil where they speak Portuguese so it can done without having to be in English.

Many individual local JUGs but not really region communication or events where the JUGs come together and expose to each other what they are doing.

Virtual JUGs (skype, hangouts, etc.) are being successful in other regions like Latin America.

How to get more speakers?
Make it a safe or comfortable environment for the new speakers
Mentoring program for new speakers
Start small. short 5 minute or less talks
Code and Tell.  HackerGarden approach where you do some work and then push it to GitHub to show the work that was done.
Devoxx/Java Kids program has helped bring in younger developers

For schools, don’t assume that the kids are taking technology classes because they are interested in it. It may be that it’s just the easiest class to get into.
Schools are different in different parts of the world.

Create marketing campaign around a few JC candidates to raise their profile internationally

  • Offer an English track in Japanese conferences
  • 5k members of Japan JUG
  • virtual conferences
  • Not seeing new speakers
    • Provide with a safe environment
    • 15 minute topics/lightening talks help to develop confidence
    • seasoned speakers can mentor new speakers- from submitting abstract to get feedback, slides, practice session
    • programs like Devoxx for Kids can help introduce Java to kids
    • campus ambassadors in college
    • create a track targeted more to younger people