Open Source in the Enterprise 2

How do you convince a company that fixing and committing the fix back to the open source community is better than forking and maintaining that forked version over time.

Many sides to why it happens
– Companies that legally block committing to open source
– Restricted changes like banks or defense industry
– Not aware of the ability to return changes to the community
– Scared of providing benefit to competition
– Loosing control, or perceived loosing control if you don’t own it (fork it) is often a fear.
– May feel that doing the contribution is very hard to do

Culture needs to be in place that makes it comfortable to both contribute as well as use open source.
– Companies that will ask during interview process about your open source contributions.

License of open source project/library will play a part in perception/decisions of adoption

Crowdfunding for developers to add features or bug fixes in open source projects.

Contributor License Agreement(CLA)
– Big problem for some teams in getting permission to sign one of those
– Working at a University, everything you do belongs to the university.
– CLA’s are a necessary thing. Educating companies on why they exist is important.

Share your ideas.  It will benefit society more to share your ideas and speed innovation than to try and keep it to yourself and try to use it to benefit society directly.