Women & Diversity, Ethics in Tech

How do we foster a better environment to make women more comfortable

Microsoft stresses diversity and encourages each person to have a voice

Roughly 10% of JJUG leaders are women

Pair seasoned speakers who will mentor and not lecture women

Gender bias starts early–tech toys targeted to boys

Parents contribute to gender bias by the toys they give

Employers can help by making it easier for women to balance work/parenting

The need for kids to be accepted by their social groups is very strong, and tech is less acceptable in some groups. There is pressure to select a major that is gender specific

Be aware of gender bias when you assign roles at work –for example, don’t ask women to do documentation because bias toward women being better at writing documentation instead of code.

Japanese women JUG- you can bring kids to events

What are we willing to do to increase diversity in workplace and in families:

  • women can go into schools and talk about their careers
  • proactively contact woman about open positions in tech and get referrals to find more women candidates
  • participate in events for kids, or if you can’t participate, help promote tech events for kids
  • Having events specifically for girls is segregation; equal opportunity is more important
  • Overcompensating by hiring more women proportionately to men is a short term solution to get more diversity.