Things to do around JOnsen

Some botanical stuff…

Hachiko, the loyal dog who’s likeness is enshrined as a statue right outside of Shibuya station.

mandatory tourist picture / video

Get off at the JR Harajuku station to visit Meiji Shrine (inside Yoyogi park) and Takeshita Street.

most famous shrine in all of Japan!

Oh, the teenage angst runs deep here.

the original “downtown” Tokyo. The TMGB (below) is here.

free observatories that offer a great view of Tokyo, day and night!

a fun “date spot” with tons of games and other attractions. You can spend a full day here easy.

Ride the Yurikamome line across the Rainbow Bridge to get to Odaiba.

Be sure to get a view of the Rainbow Bridge from Odaiba at night!

one of the strangest buildings in all of Japan. The observatory is not free, but offers and *amazing* view of the Tokyo skyline.,_Tokyo.jpg

Nerd Mecca…

second most famous shrine in Tokyo